TM-Town – a new way to find translators

My profile on

I recently polished up my profile on, a platform that connects translators with companies and clients looking for their services.

Finding the right translator

Finding the right translator means finding someone with the relevant subject matter expertise, research skills, language skills, technical skills, and dependability necessary to meet your project’s needs. A translator who is right for one project may not be the right fit for another. In my opinion, you should always find a translator that is native in the target language.

Traditional directory search

You can, of course, find qualified linguists by searching TM-Town’s directory. Various filters are available to narrow your search based on fields of expertise, years of experience, and CAT tools, for example. Here is the listing of Russian to English translators specializing in technical, legal, and financial texts.

Traditional directory listing on TM-Town's website

Nakodo search engine

Nakodo, which means matchmaker in Japanese, is TM-Town’s patent-pending search engine for matching a translator to your content. You submit a representative sample of text to Nakodo, and it tells you which translators have translated content that is most similar to your text, as well as how much similar content they have translated. Here’s an example of search results based on a few paragraphs of text from a sample services contract.

You can see that I have a very high similarity score, while two other linguists have lower similarity scores but higher quantity scores. Try it out for yourself here. You will need to enter the source language and target language, and paste some representative text.

Of course, you can also find the right translator by reading his blog post and perusing his website. 🙂 If I’m the right fit for your translation project, reach out today.

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