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High-quality RU>EN translation is within reach!

Need a Russian-to-English translation and don’t know where to start. Here’s how the easy the process can be:1. Email me the Russian file(s) you need to be translated. 2. I quickly review the files and provide you with a price quote and delivery timeframe. 3. After we agree on the terms, I begin translating your…

Don’t give up

Just a reminder that “Первый блин всегда комом.” (“The first pancake is always a lump.) Your first effort may not be a stunning success, but subsequent efforts will surely bring better results. 😎

The Story of Human Language

Looking for a good audiobook? If you’re a linguist, you will enjoy The Story of Human Language, a series of captivating lectures by Professor John McWhorter. I’m listening to them for what must the third time. This is durable educational material. Learn about grammaticalization, language change, dialects, pidgins, creoles, language death, and much more. If…

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