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Don’t give up

Just a reminder that “Первый блин всегда комом.” (“The first pancake is always a lump.) Your first effort may not be a stunning success, but subsequent efforts will surely bring better results. 😎

The Story of Human Language

Looking for a good audiobook? If you’re a linguist, you will enjoy The Story of Human Language, a series of captivating lectures by Professor John McWhorter. I’m listening to them for what must the third time. This is durable educational material. Learn about grammaticalization, language change, dialects, pidgins, creoles, language death, and much more. If … Continue reading The Story of Human Language

Beware of Contranyms

Contranyms, also known as auto-antonyms, are a linguistic phenomenon that can trip up inexperienced human translators and machine translation systems. What is a contranym? Contranym: a word with two opposite meanings, e.g. sanction (which can mean both ‘a penalty for disobeying a law’ and ‘official permission or approval for an action’). Let’s look at some examples: Clip can … Continue reading Beware of Contranyms

Localization No-No: Programmatically Constructing Strings

Given my technical specialization, several of my clients are small-to-medium Russian software companies. Asking me to provide an English translation of their apps/services is often their first step toward software localization. In this post, I want to raise awareness about a common localization no-no: programmatically constructing UI strings. Don’t construct UI strings programmatically Why is … Continue reading Localization No-No: Programmatically Constructing Strings

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TM-Town – a new way to find translators

I recently polished up my profile on, a platform that connects translators with companies and clients looking for their services. Finding the right translator Finding the right translator means finding someone with the relevant subject matter expertise, research skills, language skills, technical skills, and dependability necessary to meet your project’s needs. A translator who … Continue reading TM-Town – a new way to find translators

Software localization

Ready to go global with your killer app? I can help. With an educational and professional background in software development, I understand what happens with translated strings once they are passed back to the client and how they are ultimately rendered on a computer screen or smartphone. I am often able to provide insights about … Continue reading Software localization

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Trusted around the world

Pinson Linguistic Services Inc provides top-notch translation, editing, and proofreading services, earning the trust of clients around the world. I work with global translation agencies as well as direct clients. Whatever your project – technical documentation, software interfaces, websites, diplomas, certificates, contracts, court rulings, annual reports, and more – you can trust me to produce … Continue reading Trusted around the world

Knowing where to look

In my decade of experience as a full-time translator, I have discovered several resources that help me produce the best translation/localization of your text. In addition to search engines, I often rely on: – for abbreviations – for slang – for general articles – an online dictionary official websites of government … Continue reading Knowing where to look

Dictionary of Russian Idioms

Russian idioms

While living in Russia, I collected a small library of Russian language references, dictionaries, encyclopedias, cookbooks, and novels. One of my favorite books is the Школьный Фразеологический Словарь Русского Языка. And some of my favorite idioms include: За уши не оттянешь Все идёт как по маслу Без бумажки, ты букашка What’s your favorite Russian idiom? … Continue reading Russian idioms

A website is reborn

Earlier this year, ended its web hosting offering and I didn’t get my website content backed up and offloaded in time. That means you get all-new fresh content! Wahoo! By maintaining this website and blogging, I hope to earn your trust and win your business. Some topics I expect to address: General descriptions of … Continue reading A website is reborn

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