Here are just a few examples of my translation projects. If your content is technical, legal, financial, or game-related, I would be happy to help translate from Russian to English. I can also provide project management services to translate your IT-related content into many target languages.

Online Java course
Online Java Course

RU>EN translation, proofreading, localization, SEO copy, ad copy, and more for an online course that teaches Java programming. Technical content.

Kaspersky headerquarters
Cybersecurity company

Translation and proofreading for a major Russian cybersecurity company: user interfaces, API documentation, software manuals. Technical content.

Flag of the Commonwealth of Independent States
News Articles

Russian to English translation of news articles related to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, and other CIS countries. Political and anti-extremist content.

Mail.Ru headquarters in Moscow
Russian Internet company

English translation of Russian content for a Runet web portal. Technical content.