Case Study: Online Java Course

Online Java course


For three years I have provided various linguistic services to successfully localize an online Java course, originally written in Russian, into English and then several other languages. This project has involved Russian-to-English translation, localization, and editing, as well as project management and content creation.

Thanks to my subject matter expertise in computer science and software development: from sort algorithms, object oriented programming, multithreading, garbage collection, and computational complexity to Java syntax and type conversions, I was able not only to provide proper technical translations but also to correct factual errors in the source text. I adapted Java coding exercises and lessons for an English-speaking audience.

The word count for this ongoing project easily reaches into the millions: blog posts, website interface, app interface, lessons, coding exercises, quizzes, surveys, marketing emails, ad copy, text for voiceovers, etc.

Translation of an online Java course

Additional Services

Technical consultation

Over the three years of this ongoing project, I have provided hours of technical consultation via Skype and email, advising the client on the use of XLIFF files, CAT tools, file formats, and more. MemoQ is the tool of choice for this project, and I’ve tutored the client on how to use it.

Project management

After I translated the website and main Java course, the client asked me to provide project management and handle the translation of the online course from English into several other target languages. I coordinated selection of qualified linguists and partial translation into more than a dozen other languages, including Spanish, Polish, Hindi, Indonesian, Simplified Chinese, and Korean. This has allowed the client to test how well the course will be received in non-English-speaking markets.

Content creation, SEO copy, ad copy

At various times, the client has needed original content, SEO copy, and ad copy to be written. I work hard to accommodate any one-off requests my clients have.

What the client is saying

Огромное спасибо за перевод и за вашу внимательность! Исправил ошибки, на которые Вы указали.

Спасибо тебе большое за понимание и за твои правильные замечания!

Sam, спасибо тебе большое! Вот когда рассуждаешь, всё становится понятно. Тем более с опытным человеком!

Всё уточнил. Все формулировки, которые мы вчера обсуждали и ты предложил отлично подошли. Спасибо!