Case Study: News Articles

Flag of the Commonwealth of Independent States


For one of my clients, I regularly translate Russian news articles about current events in for Commonwealth of Independent States. Topics include terrorism, extremism, ethnic discrimination, migrant workers, pollution, human trafficking, and drug trafficking. ~150,000 words.

Project features

Original English quotations

These news articles often contain Russian versions of quotes by US diplomats and excerpts taken from statements issued by US embassies. I hunt down the original English quotes rather than creating a back-translation. This avoids the possibility of a quotation that deviates from the English original. Clearly, that would be undesirable.

Quick turnaround

These translation jobs almost always involve 24-hour turnaround. I often deliver the translated articles within a few hours.

What the client is saying

It is my pleasure to inform you that, out of 21 applicants, you were one of four chosen by the editor to comprise the Russian to English translations team.

Sam deserves credit for finding the Uzbek foreign minister’s English version of a write-up of the meeting between the Uzbek and Afghan foreign ministers. The article’s author only provided the Russian URL.