Case Study: Cybersecurity company


One of my clients is a major Russian cybersecurity company. I provide translation, proofreading, and linguistic testing services to ensure a good impression on the English-speaking world. Most of their text is technical (for example, API documentation, user interfaces, help articles, release notes, and software manuals), and I also assist with legal text, e.g. terms of service, privacy policy; GDPR disclosures. My knowledge of cybersecurity terminology has been essential here.

These jobs typically require a quick turnaround time. In addition to Microsoft Office, this client regularly uses passes files as SDL Trados Studio and SDL Passolo packages.


translation, proofreading and UI testing

for a

Russian cybersecurity company



RU>EN translation of technical texts related to anti-virus software, computer security, file reputation, VPN, malware, software vulnerabilities, computer threats, spyware, signature-based and heuristic based virus detection, firewalls, secure online shopping, etc.


The client’s in-house technical writers create both Russian and English content, but they aren’t native English speakers. I review their English text to catch any issues and polish the style. Frequently, the client needs the reviewed files to be delivered within a few hours.

Linguistic testing

I have reviewed tens of thousands of localized UI screenshots to check for any linguistic issues: spelling mistakes, incorrect grammar and punctuation, incorrect terminology, incorrect date/time/currency formats, clipped text, etc. I mainly perform this work using the client’s proprietary tool for reviewing screenshots and logging linguistic issues.

What the client is saying

Thank you! You are the best.

Thanks for your help and sorry for the rush.

I trust you.

Very nice!! Thanks a lot.

Thank you very much, Sam!